We are tackling one of the greatest problems affecting organizations, both public and private, in Canada.

Costing the Canadian economy more than $16 billion every year, absenteeism is a strategic issue impacting organizational effectiveness, profitability and employee engagement.

We help organizations prevent absences before they occur, respond quickly when workplace absenteeism occurs, and return employees to work safely and efficiently.

We believe Canadian employers need to take a strategic approach to solving absenteeism. Our Absence Audit does just that.

Phase 1

Discover and Assessment, starts with stakeholder interviews, review of exiting practices and procedures, identification of gaps, and financial modeling.

Phase 2

Architecture and Roadmap, is where we define project goals, timelines, risks, and ensure all facets of our plan are employee centric.

Phase 3

Implementation and Evaluation, is when we ensure consistent policy enforcement, keep a close eye on employee engagment and culture change, and calculate ROI.

Are you concerned about the impact avoidable absences might have on your organization?